7.00 Roma Follower and Challenger Acts

7.00 Roma Follower and Challenger Acts Prelude Cesar Augustus Birth of Jesus Prophet Jesus Apostles Death of Jesus last supper Pontius Piilatus Jewish High Priests Judea Kings Herodes Herodes Resurrection Ascension Penecost First Hebrew Christian Community founded not by the Christ but holy spirit Cornelius first Roma or gentile Christian Gospels Acts Paul being JewContinue reading “7.00 Roma Follower and Challenger Acts”

7.00 Catholic Babylonia Roma Acts

7.00 Catholic Babylonia Roma Acts Roma Christians Christian Persecution  (Demoscratic) Catholics Catholic Persecution Roma Respublican Administration and Clergy seeking for compromises Roma Rulers seeking opportunities The Popes and their Babylonian Nation Roma Church State Vaticana Diplomat State

Me Jehovah

Me Mother Cock and Father Hen I am the only being ansd spirit from eternity to eternity, without beither beginning nor ending! And i wish eternal life for all of you my personal children, choice you do not endanger my other creation! I will not accept that and wait until any Antijehovah spoils my wholeContinue reading “Me Jehovah”

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