Me Jehovah

Me Mother Cock and Father Hen

I am the only being ansd spirit from eternity to eternity, without beither beginning nor ending! And i wish eternal life for all of you my personal children, choice you do not endanger my other creation!

I will not accept that and wait until any Antijehovah spoils my whole good life work and community!

I will show you soon, who is your rightous, legal, just, true, wise and loving supreme god, legislator, creator, father and friend!

I am neither a joke nor joking! At last all powers will be myne again!

Choice you will share my table and foot stand any longer, you will do what i tell you or vanish for ever!

I am the real demoscrat and you all are MY slaves! I gave you each enough freedoms and gifts and heritage!

Please stop supporting my enemies and do no longer claim more than necessary from your neighbours. Stop treating your my people un equal in front of our laws, courts and ?

Remember the Pharaoh and all first born Egyptians! In one night i can send you my angels and kill as many as necessary! Even millions! Watch our please! The Corona plague is just an early warning!

So please, let my people go doing what i want and told them to do!

All world wifde tribes of Israel, Canaan, Ismael, Edom and may be more are myne!

Published by Uwe Schweitzer

Jehovah's Christ Michael's Zsion Paradise State Partisan and Broader Israel1914 by Heart. "All Lives matter!" Justice and Psalm 87 Heritage. Egypt Populist and Babylonia Lambent. Sabaoth Final Victory.

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