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“Me Jehovah Welcome”

Me Supreme Mother Cock and Father Hen

I am your supreme god, Allah, legislator, creator, father and friend. I am the only being and spirit from eternity to eternity, without neither beginning nor ending! And i wish eternal life for all of you my personal children, choice you do not endanger my other creation!

Mohammed and his Muslims are right: Neither i am generating nor will i generate in the future, but i did it in the past! And at least you all are my spiritual children! You better beg me and my daughter your mother Zsion for direct adoption!

We have chosen our only begotten and first born son arcangel Michael for being the emperor and king of the future Zsion paradise state established 1914, shortly before break out of World War One. 

He showed us and every soul, that he is willing and able to do this job, by coming down to earth as human manson prophet Jesus to announce his future kingdom and bearing his accusation, judgement and execution by his humans.

We witnessed his engagement by his earthen appointmant and salvation or oiling by holy spirit at his baptism and honoured him  later by ressurection and assencion to second life in heavens as arcangel Michael again.

Beside my universal throne he waited until 1914 being coronated and mating his bride parliament and government New Heavenly Holy Israel out of all humans.

This New Israel is necessary as substitute of his former angel sister Israel, who was corrupted, spoiled to Babylonia or even killed by Lucipher who turned out Antijehovah, Satan and Devil by this first evil deed.

By the way Michael is not only meant to become king of the Jews or Christians, but king of kings of all believers and religions:

  • gentiles
  • jacobines
  • christians
  • muslim
  • the many more new religions since

This is why Jesus did not him self found the first christian synagogue, temple, church, mosque or community. Instead the Christians too beside many others are founded on my universal Holy Spirit!

I shared my love and holy spirits with all of you my souls. No one shall and will herit alone or every thing! On the other side, all my offers physical and spiritual are worth being considered seriously. Do not disregard or even despise my offers your heritage. Do not commit both these evils any longer choice you do not want to herit the second or eternal death soon!

I will not accept that Antijehovah rebellion eternally and wait until any Antijehovah spoils my whole good life work and community!

I will show you soon, who is your  rightous, legal, just, true, wise and loving supreme god, allah, legislator, creator, father and friend!

I am neither a joke nor joking! At last all powers will be myne again!

Choice you will share my table and foot stand any longer, you will do what i tell you or vanish for ever!

I am the real demoscrat and you all are MY slaves! I gave you each enough freedoms and gifts and heritage for being satisfied and living happily!

6000 years of my patience since Adam and Eve giving you enough oppurtunity to find out what is good for you and if there is some one better than me is more than you deserved.

Please stop supporting my enemies and do no longer claim and demand more than necessary from your neighbours. Stop treating your my people un equal in front of our judges, laws and courts.

Remember Pharaoh Senakhtenre Antimoses, his first born son Seqenenre and all other  first born Egyptians! In one night i can send you my angels and kill as many as necessary! Even millions! Watch our please! The Corona plague is just an early warning!

Remember Rabschake Antijerusalem, Antiisrael and Antijehovah from Assyria too. In one night he forced me to kill 185000 of his best soldiers to prevent the worst from my peoples.

So please, let my people go doing what i want and told them to do!

All world wide tribes of Israel, Canaan, Ismael, Edom and may be more are myne!

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